How did I get myself caught up in this web of deceit and lies in Australia and Singapore?  Easy, anyone can do it!  Become a shareholder in an Australian private company,  totally unaware that it's run by errant Australian Directors. They try to sell the company with A$35M in assets for $7 to their Singaporean co-conspirator. Allegations are made that their Singaporean co-conspirator was hand-delivered documents and they were returned with forged signatures affixed, having been witnessed by his PA. He offers a multi-million dollar "hush money" settlement to another Singapore mate, to make the forgeries disappear.


Was there a cover-up to protect Singapore elites and their $1.25Bn deal? Did we fall victims to Singapore #cronyism and how far would they go to protect themselves?


This is just the tip of a very large iceberg!


The truth always comes out and a rotten situation never smells better  over time.